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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Magic Bag

A few years ago, I had noticed Sara's cute bag that she carried. I'm sure I asked her about it and I'm sure she told me about it, but I promptly forgot anything she told me because my mommy brain is... well... a sieve.

Last year I saw Sara during the summer and again admired her cute bag (same one... it was holding up nicely). I didn't want to ask her about it AGAIN, so I just admired it from afar.

Then in August, Kristin was carrying a bag that was similar to Sara's and I thought, "That's it, I'm getting a bag like that!"

So I went searching. But I couldn't find what I liked.

Then I met up with Sara again over Thanksgiving in Arkansas and this time asked about her bag.

Turns out they're made by a small company in Seattle called Tom Bihn. I came home and ordered their Medium Cafe Bag. Sara has the Small Cafe Bag. My thoughts were that since I had all of Kira's stuff to tote around with me, I'd like to have a bit bigger of a bag.

Several months of happy use went by when I began to get ready for my flight out to Utah to visit Mike's parents.

I like to travel light. Very light. And that's not easy to do with a baby.

I had my Ergo baby carrier to carry Kira. I figured I would need to carry a large bag for all of the stuff I'd need while on the plane: books, snacks, diapers, etc. I started gathering what I needed and started packing it into my Tom Bihn bag.

Then something magic happened. It was as if the bag was somehow growing larger every time I went to put something in it. It was amazing. It held so much stuff I was mystified.

I have recreated the events so you can see what I was able to get into the bag. :)

The top picture is of the bag with all it's stuff in it easily clasped shut.

This next picture shows the full bag from the top.

And now for the contents:

Large Sippy Cup
One single subject notebook (80 sheets, spiralbound)
One approx 11 in x 6 in board book
Two approx 6 in x 6 in board books
One quart ziploc with three diapers and several papertowels (for wipes)
One quart ziploc with a change of clothes (for Kira, not me) :)
One container with small toys (actually, the container I took with me was bigger and had twelve little toys, the one shown is holding 6)
Sandwich baggie with pretzels
Small box of raisins (I actually had three of these)
4 oz container of baby food
Small bottle of hand sanitizer (maybe 1 oz)
Baby Spoon
Keys (dangling from a strap attached to the bag)
Wallet (also dangling from a strap attached to the bag)

Not pictured:
Box of crayons
Several plastic bags (for diaper trash), and a few lollipops (bribes) are in the front zippered pocket

All of this stuff fit in this bag. And it's not a big bag! It fit very comfortably on my shoulder or across my chest while I had Kira on my back in the Ergo. It was so nice to feel like a normal passenger even when traveling with a baby.

Yea, Tom Bihn!

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